Balance+Plus Basic Fall Assessment & Comprehensive VNG Systems

In the Keeping Seniors Safe from Falls Act of 2004, Congress stated: (1) Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among individuals who are over 65 years of age; (2) In 2000, falls among older adults accounted for 10,200 deaths and 1,600,000 emergency department visits; (3) Hospital admissions for hip fractures among the elderly have increased from 231,000 admissions in 1988 to 332,000 in 1999; (4) Annually, more than 64,000 individuals who are over 65 years of age sustain a traumatic brain injury as a result of a fall; (5) The total cost of all fall injuries for people age 65 and older was calculated in 1994 to be $27,300,000,000 (in 2004 dollars); and (6) A national approach to reducing falls among older adults, which focuses on the daily life of senior citizens in residential, institutional, and community settings, is needed.

As our nation’s population is aging at an increasing rate, serious injuries from falls related to dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium, and balance disorders have become a major problem. As part of our mission, we feel obligated to keep the general public and their physicians informed about complaints related to dizziness and a fear of falling.

Our Balance+Plus BASIC Fall Assessment Systems assess a person’s ability to maintain their balance while standing. If your patients sometimes feel dizzy or are unsteady, the Balance+Plus FAS can help diagnose their condition. A person simply stands on a platform, where data force sensors at each corner of a platform collect valuable data, which is then processed to deliver printable Stability Scores, along with other pertinent balance information. Evaluations are made with other age-matched normative reports for comparative purposes.

The Balance+Plus VNG System is the first portable Videonystagmography system. Its advanced technology can accurately evaluate patients who suffer from dizziness, vertigo, or other balance disorders. The complete VNG (Videonystagmography) System is a compact package that can be easily carried directly to your patients for assessing and diagnosing these problems. An infrared goggle that is lightweight, durable, and comfortable is the most important piece of equipment. A patient simply looks into the goggles, and all tests are performed. The VNG System provides an accurate assessment of the oculomotor and vestibular systems. Head movements are also analyzed with specific attention paid to retinal images, and accurate and reliable test results are available in just a short time.